At What Point do SOs Get to be Society Members?

originally posted 9/11/2010

At what point do we (sex offenders) get to be members of our society again?  As for me, I’m told, never!  I committed my crime.  I went to prison.  I spent three and a half years in therapy to figure out “How did I get here?” while in prison, then two more years while on parole.  (I found out).   It does not seem to matter to the government.  It does to me.   I have changed my way of thinking about myself, my family, my friends and people I don’t even know. The government has said that we (sex offenders) can’t be helped. That’s a lie! It’s up to each individual to want to change.   It’s up to the government to step up and take responsibility for the laws they have made about sex offenders.

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