Victim of a Broken System

originally posted 9/10/2010

My son is a victim of a broken system. His story is very similar to the ones on this site.   He had just turned 18 and she was one month from being 15.  There was only a four year age difference for three  months.  He was a senior and she was a freshman.   A cop walked up on them having consensual sex and he was arrested.  Her mother thought a lot of my son and was in his corner and refused to cooperate with the commonwealth attorney.   It didn’t matter, even with her taking the stand in my son’s defense, the judge still found him guilty. Six months jail and three years probation and god knows how much money for classes, the content of which I  found very disturbing.   He was being made to feel he was a freak for having sex with his girlfriend.  Thank you for this effort to change these harmful laws.

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