Hate Flyers Distributed Against S.O.s

originally posted 9/6/2010

This morning we came from church to find a flier on our porch with our son’s picture and a warning of his past crime.   This happened 15 years ago.   He paid for his offense and has lived an exemplary life since then.   Not as much as a parking ticket in all of those years.   He now is married with children.   He suffers from two incurable diseases.   Months are spent in the hospital, sometimes paralyzed, sometimes blind.   His time at home is treasured by his little family.   Will this hurt him, his wife and us, his aging parents?  Yes, but not as much as the children.   Tomorrow they will face the taunts of their playmates.   They were just infants when he was gone.  Those who are sending out the fliers may say that they are protecting children.  What about the abuse to our grandchildren? Any suggestions?

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