Forced Terrible Plea Bargains, Juries Sleep Thru Trials

originally posted 9/1/2010
My 19 year old son was just wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison for sexual abuse of the child of a man he was working for,  after a deal they had made for him to work for the man to pay for a truck.   This went very wrong,  and my son threatened to file charges for theft of the vehicle (the man refused to give him) and also threatened to tell police about the man’s Meth habits.   This obviously angered the man and so he retaliated by pressing charges against my son for sexually abusing his daughter.   The man told my son immediately that he was going to press charges against him and yet WAITED almost a month to take the child to the Dr. and/or to file charges.  There was NO physical/medical evidence to support what he was accused of.   My son has NO priors and never got into any kind of trouble, not even a speeding ticket,  the four years this case dragged out.

He made it clear to his public Defender:   He would NEVER take a plea bargain for this   crime, not even the one they offered the day before trial, dropping it clear down to probation. His public defender had four years to PREPARE his DEFENSE, and did absolutely NOTHING.  Begging him to take the plea the day before, even calling ME a BAD Mother for NOT forcing my son to take the plea.  The lawyer called me 24 hrs before the trial to ask ME who our witnesses were going to be!   We had NONE,  just ME and my daughter.   No DEFENSE!

The child couldn’t even point out my son, the person who supposed abused her, in the courtroom.   She had no idea WHO He was… and had NO memory of anything EVER happening to her- or SAYING anything ever happened to her.

The Jury slept thru the trial.  They deliberated for less than an hour- and found him GUILTY.   I am NOW in the process of trying to RAISE the $10,000 we need for the retainer for the Big Law Firm I have retained for my son, for his appeal.   I have had to go around giving little speeches on my son’s behalf and trying to make people aware of how easily this could happen to them, in order to raise the money we need. So far I have only managed to raise $2500 of the $10,000. The  Big Law Firm says we have a good case for appeal.   So many things went very wrong.   But we still have to raise the money.   If you know of any other WAY to help raise the money for my son’s appeal,  please let me know.  My son’s life is dependent upon me coming up with this money.

He is innocent and has maintained his innocence for the last four years; even at trial, and at his sentencing, and is willing to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court and beyond if necessary and/or possible, because he says if he doesn’t stand up against the “System”, then WHO will?   We’ve become very aware of just how EASY it is to accuse innocent people of sex crimes out of sheer anger and spitefulness, with no REAL evidence to SUPPORT the accusation, and how easy it is for the prosecution to prey on the jury’s EMOTIONS, rather than present concrete evidence, and push a guilty verdict though with very little effort, because it’s so taboo …  and just how many innocent people are being bullied into taking plea bargains by telling them they WILL go to prison for 25 years,  and scaring them into taking the pleas — not for their client’s sake, but for their OWN sakes as this counts as a WIN for them, without ever having to put any work into the case.

Even if/when my son is finally FREE- and he WILL BE- it wont be the END …  as this is just the beginning.  This is fast becoming our CAUSE… because SOMEone has to point out all the flaws of our justice system; of the major epidemic that is quickly taking over our Country.  Our rights and freedoms are in jeopardy… Innocent people are being FORCED to be labeled and treated like second class citizens- because angry spiteful people are ALLOWED to make
accusations- without ANY PROOF!

We are slowly building a following of people who are ABLE to SEE the terrible INJUSTICE that is taking place in this country, though this doesn’t come withOUT a great deal of hatred and persecution along the way…

and yet- my son REFUSED to give in to a Corrupt system… and I REFUSE to STOP FIGHTING for my son… and spreading this message.

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