SO Registry Fuels Ignorance

originally posted 9/2/2010

I do apologize ahead of time if my typing is off.   I’m not too good at responses, but I am intrigued by what you and your colleagues have said.   I am charged with disseminating obscene material to a minor, but that is not what I want to get at.

It is true having to give out all the info about where I live and work, scares me!  That is due to the fact that I always feel like I am going to lose everything just because someone thinks I’m a threat or plain out hates me.   I’m tired of feeling like that and I want to help fight back and maybe help those who are like me who just want to learn and move on with their lives.

I have found being on the registry an utter joke due to the fact it does nothing at all except fuel people’s ignorance and fears.   I do agree with you on giving treatment and doing a review on those who have committed a severe crime against a minor, but due to the facts of financial issues, fear/ignorance, political gain, and Americans’  instant gratification issues it will be a long fight,  but it must be an intelligent one based on fact not fear and the wanting to stop the wasted time and effort to those who are not a threat and dealing with those who are.   I still think there should be punishment for smaller crimes but not as bad as they are now.

We are all humans and yes we all make mistakes and sometimes we either need time to learn from them or a helping hand from someone who wants to help not just because they have to.

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