Living a Death Sentence

originally posted 10/19/2010

When my son was sentenced,  I was his defense.  His court appointed attorney slept through it. Another attorney came in and said to plead guilty or he would get triple the fine–a no win situation.  I explained the situation to the judge:  How the family had accepted the relationship until my son quit managing their business, how the family had had our son over for dinner and let the girl come over here at night.   The judge looked disgusted at the stepfather sitting there but said his hands were tied.   The girl apologized for her stepfather but it was out of her hands.  They never had sex but messed around pretty good.   He left this town because it is a small town and the newspaper reported like he was a number one criminal.  We know that was not good but it was a coping mechanism.

Our son is now in jail in another state, for owing $12,000 in fines. They have told him he is looking at 5-10 years in prison for not registering for the last year or so.   A family took him in that couldn’t have him live there if he registered.  I don’t have the money resources to help him.   I have spent thousands over the years with different things to just help him get by.   He has always been a kind and funny kid; I don’t want to see the final nail driven into him.   We have all been living a death sentence for the last 18-20 years.   Anything you can do would be appreciated!!

I have contacted a State representative in WA for help;  she is sympathetic to this issue.  Her aide has gotten back to me and said

We do not expect our son to walk free — just have the continuing persecution of sex offenders and the public registry removed.

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