Son So Scared on Halloween!

originally posted 11/3/2010

This is from my mother. ok here it goes: my mom sits and cries everyday because my brother is on the sex offender list and she is so scared for him. �and on october 31st halloween day the police showed up to our house and searched my brother’s room and then asked where he was at and we told him he was at dinner with my mother. and then when i told my mother she broke down and cried again and it hurt my family so bad. and my brother isnt a bad person at all. he got caught up in a mess with a girl who said she really wanted to be with him and he is very mentally ill and mentally retarted and has problems. and we are working with him. he is on probation for five years and he is going thru mental health and he is in anger management classes also and he does odd and end jobs to stay busy. and he has not reoffended at all and he wouldnt do anything like that to anybody. he isnt hiding in bushes and preying on children and he isnt out getting into trouble at all he is a great guy and wouldnt harm anybody, but what i want to say here are a few things. what is going to happen next? is there going to be a law that says no christmas or thanksgiving for the sex offenders, and that they can’t be with family on holidays? and what is with this country we live in now-a-days? they really need to look at the real sex offenders and take the ones off the list that are not out to harm anybody or children at all. �my mom isn’t in the best of health and she is the guardian of my brother and takes care of him and she trys her best to be here for him but we want to be a part of your orginization this is the best website we have found on here and all these stories i read on here are so sad but thank you for letting me tell my story.
sincerly a concerned sister hurting for her brother

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