Grabbing Arm to Apologize Deemed Sex Offense

originally posted 2/17/2011

Ten years ago, my son, who was high on pot, exposed himself to a woman in his own house & asked her for oral sex. When she said “No thanks” he ‘grabbed’ her by the arm & apologized. For that he was found guilty of Attempted Sexual Assault(no injury). He never touched her sexually in any way, and the “assault” was him grabbing her arm. He’s on the Sex Off. Registry with rapists and child molesters and is viewed as one in the same. Because of this, he gets threatening letters in his mailbox & no one will hire him. He is serving 4 years now because he missed one of his meetings due to a miscommunication between him and an officer. What happened to HIS constitutional rights, and those of others like him, that allows his name, address, picture, etc. to be pulled up on the internet, linked to those who are rapists, child molesters and predators?

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