She Walked Off Clean!

originally postged 2/28/2011

I have known about my husband’s past since we first met and he was very truthful with me about the whole thing but as a sex offender we’re not allowed to live together as a family because I have 2
kids that aren’t his but his offense was with a teenager who lied about her age – she was NOT a child. So how fair is that she got to walk off clean but he is still being punished even after he did his time in prison. And in this economy it is impossible to live in two different places.
I think you guys in RSOL are doing a wonderful job in trying to help out all these sex offenders. they need all the help and support they can get because they have to deal with a lot out here in this world. Every day they have to worry and freak out about everyone around them and that’s so wrong! all people should be treated the same, but all these drug dealers and murderers get treated a whole lot better. So thank you all for helping.

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  1. “she got to walk off clean”
    Hmm, maybe because she was a child at the time. I’m not saying what happened to your husband is okay but don’t be victim blaming now!

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