Kicked Out of Church as an S.O.

originally posted 2/26/2011

As a mother of a convicted “sex offender”, I am outraged at the current laws which catagorize every person’s offense as if their situations are the same. My son was even kicked out of the Church he attended. He has been, and continues to be, so broken over his past mistake.

After years of condemnation, he finally turned to his faith and became a member of a community church. He told them of his past and was accepted with open arms. After a while, he felt as if he was finally being able to put his mistake behind him and felt for the first time that he would rise above the stigmatism of his past! But then… another member complained resulting in his dismissal as a member of the church!

During my son’s initial legal process, he was asked to take a plea agreement without the “understanding” of the ramifications it would have on his entire life; should he do so. Even though the victim had consentual sex, was not a virgin, she was still under age. His mistake has now placed him in a catagory of pedofiles where he is continually ridiculed, humiliated, and stripped of any rights.

Recently, he was required to take a polygraph by this Commonwealth state, where he was asked degrading questions as if he fantasizes about children, has in his possession child pornography, or has molested a child recently. Eleven years ago my son made a consentual mistake which has ruined his life. How can he fight this situation legally? Does he have any rights?

2 thoughts on “Kicked Out of Church as an S.O.

  1. “was not a virgin”
    Why do you think that matters? It makes no difference under the law if someone is a virgin or not a virgin

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