Murderers Treated More Fairly Than SOs

posted by Alex Marbury

When i was 24 yrs old, i was involved with a minor on a computer who was 15 yrs old. She took her shirt off on the computer and we exchanged several sexual conversations  And a 16 yr old girl sent me a picture of her partially nude on her cell phone. I did 6 months in jail and was charged with exposing myself to this minor girl. I never sent a picture to her. And now a judge required me to register for 15 yrs in the state to which I moved. Once there, the state told me that my crime was compared to a domestic abuse case and told me that i didn’t have to register. I lived life for 2 yrs, until this valentines day they got hold of me and told me that the law changed and any out of state offender required to register out of state had to register in this state too. Though my charge is only a misdemeanor i have to register for 15 yrs in my home state, the state to which I’ve moved  now says they are life long registration requirements. My question is , when my 15 yrs is up in the original state, can i get off in the state to which I moved as well ? and how do i go about doing this ?.. i want to appeal this because it was committed in 2007 and i feel violated as a human being. I agree with comments made about how murderers and rapists and all other criminals should also be forced to be on a registry.. its not constitutional at all that ‘some’ criminals should be looked at differently and negatively , but if a man goes and murders thousands of people, society says if hes a changed man we will let him live his life” .. open your eyes America and society, some of the best people in this country have had crappy backgrounds, people who have their heads on straight have had rough pasts… does this make me a loser of all in this country ? nor is anyone who has a somewhat sexual past , a bad person.. If your pointing your finger at us, look how many are pointing back at you…. These laws need to change. Jobs and places to live are hard to come by. I trust God all the way, and lately ive learned to only care what he thinks about me and not what people think. .. i understand that i was in a position of authority , but i disagree with the laws concerning sex offenders. How can a law be constitutional for some , but not for others… its a disgrace.

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  1. Sex offender laws are feel good legislation. People see these laws getting passed and feel good about it until it affects them. The majority of sex offenders are non-violent one time offenders that never committed another crime. The reason that there are no gun-offender registries or murder-registries or gang-member registration or drug dealer registry is because police do not want to be forced to approach these people. It is easy to knock on the door of someone who is trying to put their lives together. There is no fear of violence from people who have never committed a violent crime. It is probably amusing to many in law enforcement to confront and harrass a family man that committed a crime twenty years ago that has no other violations on their record. But no police officer wants to be the one to have to knock on the door of a person known for violence and disregard for the law. People will try and portray this as a falsehood because they want to believe that the police are all brave. Likewise judges do not want violent offenders to face the ongoing stigma of being on a registry because they do not want to face the retribution.

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