A So-called Democratic Society!

originally posted 2/22/2011

I was very happy to come upon your website and finally hope to
find some support. I am the devastated mother of a wrongly-convicted sex offender in Florida, who fell for the bait thrown at him while on a Yahoo Adult Website. A young, single and vulnerable 24yr-old, with a completely clean background and on whom they found NO other
incriminating material but that which the well-trained police made him send over the course of two days. Yet, he was set up in such a way that he had little recourse, and when the time came up, he was diswayed from risking a trial and suggested by his lawyer to instead plea NO CONTEST, otherwise his risk would be too high. He was convicted to almost six years of prison time, 2 of community control, fifteen of probation and a lifetime registration. And we live in a so-called “democratic society” that goes after other countries that go against HUMAN RIGHTS? What could be more INHUMANE than the cruelty that is being allowed here mainly for political reasons?!!!

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