Holding on to Hope

originally posted 6/2012


I was 20 years old when I had a sexual encounter with my best friends 14 yr old sister. I have known the family for many years and what I allowed to happen was not acceptable, however I did make that choice and I’m paying severely for it. I understand the laws (now more than ever) and know the difference between a young adult and a child. I’m going to be 28 very soon and have been on deferred adjudication probation since 2006. I’m also have a lifetime registry due to the fact they put 2 counts of aggravated sexual assault for one act of oral sex. I was told by my misleading lawyer  that I was going to do my 10 years probation and it will be dismissed from the courts. He was wrong and now its 6 years in to my probation, I’m in a hole that is ruing my future. I’m a honest person who works hard with lots of ambition who just made a bad choice one night. I have my faith and hope that these laws that keep; non threatening, good-hearted PEOPLE to get a chance to have another opportunity for a better, non judgmental life. I have been forced to move from my apartment, move with my parents whose neighbors get a flyer with my info and charge. I have been stabbed 3 times by my ex-girlfriends neighbor leaving my hospitalized. I have shut myself off from old friends and making new friends just so i don’t feel out of place.

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