Nothing to Live For

originally posted 6/2012


I  am a registrant and I’ve been out of prison 11 years because when I was 19 a 16 year old used the state of Florida to essentially extort money from me. This “”victim”” had used the same strategy on 2 other adults, a 34 year old and a 64 year old. I was sentenced to nearly 10 years because it was a gay act and of course that just makes me sick anyway so they said. Now, nearly 20 years later and after serving my time from courts my life is so ruined.  I can’t go to college,  I can’t even leave my house for more than 7 days do too new laws that I’m grandfathered into. I’ve needed to be hospitalized 3 times and can’t because I have no one here to help me (Galveston, TX) to be hospitalized I would have to go to Florida where my mother lives therefore having to register there and canceling the registration here in Texas  And since there is a new ordnance in Galveston. Miles of town that sex offenders cannot live forcing me to lose my home. I know why people go postal. I’ve been told that I’m in the same category as a pervert that preys on young children I can’t get work I can’t live in peace I can’t go to school. What life do I have? The longer that I’m on this list the more sickening it makes me. I don’t see a future. I’ve been told I needed to talk to a shrink, I said when the shrink gets the power to remove someone from that list (sex offender registry) that’s the day that my mind will finally be right. If I was brave enough to end it, and not cause hurt to my mother I would have committed suicide already. God help me if my mother passes. I have nothing left to live for.

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