A Small Thing

originally posted 6/2012


I’m a registered sex offender who has been, in my own way, trying to open minds and hearts.  But, at least ’till this point, that has not included any involvement with RSOL.  The purpose of this comment, though, is fairly simple.  I would recommend that whenever an article appears in on-line media about sex offending which allows comments to that article, the RSOL community should somehow be organized to respond with one or more comments and “”favoriting”” of the comment(s).  For example I just posted a comment (under the moniker of “”do be do be do””) on a June 5, 2012 article appearing in HuffPo about Patrick Drum killing two sex offenders.  If my comment were “”favorited”” by enough readers (i.e., those from RSOL,) then it would be taken more seriously by others.  It is, undoubtedly, only a small step but any step we take to open minds and hearts on this otherwise fear-filled issue should be encouraged.

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