Falling on Deaf Ears

originally posted 6/2012

In 1985, over a quarter century ago, I was falsely accused of rape by a serial false accuser and man hater.   She accused me for a million dollar lawsuit.  This insane woman had a history of falsely accusing men, was a drunk and drug addict, had a long history of mental illness, and was homeless.   All this evidence was not allowed in trial due to Rape Shield Laws. I was easily convicted in a jury trial.  Even though there was no physical evidence, just her tainted word against mine, I was convicted of the highest degree of rape – First Degree Rape.  I was sentenced to ten years in prison. I escaped my first year, was recaptured two years later in Alaska, and given more prison time.   After release, I went on the run several times for refusing to register.  Now at fifty years old, I have a GPS Shackle, am homeless, and can not find a job.   Justice in America?  There isn’t any when accused of a sex crime.   No matter what the motive in the accusation or the accuser’s history.  If you care to check out my story you can look it up on the excellent blog, The Jessica’s Law Nightmare in California at www.jessicaslawnightmare.org   I do not and will not ever have any kind of life.  I only exist. No plans, no future, and very little hope.   What happens to a man who loses all hope?  He becomes very dangerous.  What does he have to lose if he has nothing?  I have a tiny shred of hope, but it is whittling down day after day.   The Sex Crime Witch Hunt may be claiming another victim.

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