A Lifetime That Will Be Miserable

originally posted 1/6/2012

I remember hearing about Sex Offenders as kids, but we were never afraid of them, only just to stay away. I was living in Kansas dealing with a teenage life, before i moved back to Ohio where I am from and finding out that a friend of mine had molested his sisters and blamed me for this incident because of the playboys I had in my house. The cops and CPU people went after me hardcore. In my paperwork it even shows that they have my age wrong. These people assumed I was over 20 something years old and when I finally got corrected, things seemed to turn out ok.

The juvenile judge in Cincinnati (GOD BLESS HER!!) saw through the lies and dismissed 2 of the charges, but sadly she did push one through on a (just in case) type of thing, but of course there is a legal name for it. Anyways… Ii went through 5 months of wondering what was going on and what to do when I finally went to get a lie detector test done and when I went in, the guy told me he was best friends with the cop that had arrested me and said that he knew I had something to hide when I walked in through the door… the funny thing about that is, while he was setting it up all I asked was how it worked. I was 19 at the time and I was into computers and mechanical things and seeing that I was curious… how does that make me look guilty? So I declined to take it because of what he said and we left.

Here is my biggest mistake. I talked to my lawyer and said that I felt I could beat him in trial because of what happened months earlier in juvenile court. He said the best option would be since I was a first time offender would be to plead guilty and get 3 months probation… never have to register, take some classes and then be on my way by the time I turned 22. Yup you guessed it… it didn't go that way. Basically the father and son turned on me in this case and said i needed help and blah blah… talked to the judge and told him all these horror stories and my lawyer never took the time to let me know any of this or to say anything.

Either way, I was sentenced to a year in prison and I did 7 months and got out and learned that getting a job was like trying to walk unannounced in the White House… it wasn't gonna happen. I had to wait 6 years before I got a job and then after 4 years of working, all the businesses changed their applications and regulations basically throwing felons to the wind, including and especially Sex Offenders.

I am not some evil guy that goes around molesting or raping people and yet when someone hears you are an SO, they want to attack you or treat you like **** or try to hurt your family because of such without asking. Luckily its only happened very few times, but still. All I wanna do is work and I cant even do that. I have been out of work for almost 2 years and its crazy sitting at home not doing anything or having to do BS work just to keep bills paid.

I know my crime Corruption of a Minor is a charge that could be expunged but laws changed to where it couldn't be. I wish I had that help to find a way to go back and get it to where I could be expunged or knew a lawyer that helps in something like that or hell at least a block from employers to where I could work and make a living. What are these people afraid of? Do they think i am gonna start showing kids Playboys? They gonna find that mess themselves in the trash, home, woods, everything else.

Anyways thanks for this so I could vent a little bit.



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