Certificate of Rehabilitation

originally posted 11/29/2011

I actually attempted to obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation about 4 years ago. I was convicted of a minor offense which resulted in my obtaining summary probation (stay way from massage parlors). Furthermore, I was informed by my then lawyer I wouldn’t have to register once the charge was expunged. Wrong.

Well, I live in Orange County and the legal issue occurred in LA. I have never been arrested, live a good life and don’t even have any parking tickets. When I went to OC, the DA was a monster. She provided an investigative report (this is what is required) that didn’t state my probation correctly, and they were even saying they didn’t know what the resolution of the case was.  The woman was yelling, the report had numerous errors, and it was nuts. The judge finally stated he couldn’t find one reason to deny the motion, but it wasn’t enough.

Now, I have children and they are beginning these park initiatives. Its nuts. What’s next?



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