He Can’t Live His Life

originally posted 4/3/2012


My fiance is a registered sex offender with a tier 3 charge. Which means he has to register for the rest of his life. He caught the charge when he was 20 and  was dating a 15 year old girl. They dated for 2 years, and he was in love with her. The girl lived with her mom, and my fiance stayed there a lot too since her mom liked him. The mom and dad were divorced, and once the dad found out that she was seeing my fiance, (he wasn’t my fiance at the time) he pressed charges. So he spent his time in jail, and now that he’s engaged to me, he is still on probation.

He is trying to be a productive citizen, going to work everyday, paying his bills, going to all of his court dates, going to probation, and doing the right thing. But if it weren’t for me and my family supporting him, he wouldn’t have a job or a place to live because no one will hire him and no one wants him living next door. And he’s not a rapist and he won’t hurt anybody. He really is an amazing person.

But the officers and detectives are all harassing him and me. They show up at our door to make sure he lives there, then they ask us a million questions and then tell us the neighbors are complaining about him living there because they don’t feel safe. And we live in an apartment complex so the board has the right to kick him out. This is all just such bullshit! Why can’t they let us live our lives? We are productive citizens of society, and we are no trouble to anyone. But because of these officers and because of the registry, he might be homeless and jobless AGAIN. This is just harassment, and we need to stop this. I understand some people might deserve to register for life. But he did not rape anyone, he didn’t hurt anyone; he dated a girl younger than him that he was in love with. He doesn’t deserve this label, nor this life.



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