My Boyfriend’s Life Has Been Ruined

originally posted 4/3/2012

My boyfriend was an award winning teacher at a high school in the inner city. He did so much for kids who had no one else to turn to. One day during his lunch break he went to a friend’s house and found his friend’s daughter and other girls skipping school and doing drugs. My boyfriend left but first told the daughter he would speak to her father about what they were doing. The girls made up a big lie about how he molested them. The court believed them, and my boyfriend was never allowed to give his side of the story. He is now an RSO, and it has ruined his life in so many ways. He can’t get a job and is always looking over his shoulder for police. He has to watch his every move.
It is absolutely horrible for him and me.

He was a tremendous, honored, and devoted teacher in an inner city high school. Now he can never teach again especially at a time when we need teachers like him. His students were from abusive homes, in gangs, and living in poverty. He knew how to reach them. When he left, so many students wrote him the most heartfelt notes in his annual. They wrote about how much they helped him and how much they would miss them. Notes like, “I would’ve dropped out if it wasn’t for you.”

What a total waste. He never did one thing to those girls. They just lied.



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