originally posted 4/4/2012


I traded nude photos online and was charged with child porn. I was in the US Army; they kept me in for 3 years after the time that it happened. I was promoted and deployed to Iraq. I was wrong for what I did, and I deserve some of what happened to me. I would never change it if I could; it has made me a better person. The problem is that a news paper from out of state wrote a story on me in Iraq. I was honorably discharged and then contracted in Iraq as a civilian  I was on probation for 10 years, and have paid my fines and time. I have a life time registry, and I choose where I live by my jobs first and then how the laws are there.


I think people like me who are low risk cover up the really dangerous few that are in the area. It hurts and worries my new wife that I have had my car keyed and been threatened  I left Texas due to the laws and turned down jobs due to state laws. I think that some laws would be good as some people should not be teachers. But this one size fits all is not working; it costs too much and hurts more than the offender. I spoke with one girl who was afraid to tell anyone she was a victim when she was young due to her family member would be a sex offender and everyone would know. I am happy to hear that people are out there speaking up and helping out the ones who need it. Thanks for your time.

Benjamin Schroeder


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