Lied to by a Teenager Stating She Was 19 Years Old

originally posted 12/4/2012

My son went out with two of his so-called friends who had a teenage girl in the truck with them. They picked my son up at our yard where he was working with his step father. They went out and then came back to my house to hang out. A few days later I found out there were two detectives at my house from friends of mine. I asked my son why they were there and at first he wouldn’t tell me. I finally got it out of him.

He told me that this girl told him she was 19 years old as well as his so called friends told him the same thing. I set up an appointment with my lawyer, and the day before, the detectives picked him up. I wasn’t home at this time, and my husband called me and asked where I was. Right then and there I knew something was wrong. Then my neighbor called me and asked the same thing, and all I could say was, where is my son. I was devastated when she told me that they had arrested my son. I flew home, called my lawyer, and rushed to my son’s arraignment. They wanted 25,000 cash bail which I didn’t have. So my son had to go to prison until his prelim.

I was devastated to the point I fell to the floor crying and screaming that this girl is getting away with lying. This girl told her sister she might be pregnant, and then the sister went to mommy and she filed charges against my son. What consequence did she have to pay? None at all. They placed all the responsibility on my child who believed this girl was 19 years old.

Through all of this we decided to plead it out. I was not willing to gamble my son’s life for 1 to 6 years in a state prison. My son has to spend 9 months in prison and 5 years probation. My son is now sitting in jail for something he should not be serving time for. He was taken from his 11 year old sister who is very close to him.

This has been hard on my family in many ways. I was an emotional wreck and still am. This child did not care who she hurt and just wanted mommy’s attention. My son now has to serve an 8 month sentence and 5 years probation and for what? Her lies. He will not be able to get into the military like he wanted and will have a hard time finding a job. The only good thing is I made sure he didn’t have to go on Megan’s Law registry.

My lawyer told me that the mother did not want her daughter to have to testify. Why didn’t  she want her to testify? I have to see my son through glass when I visit because of safety issues in prison. I have had to spend thousands of dollars for his defense, and when he gets out more thousands of dollars for classes and probation and lie detector tests so that they can try and violate him and put him back in prison.

I feel that this statute is unjust and unconstitutional. No where does this protect these young men, only the so called victims. I am scared that this will be hard on him and I will lose him to suicide.

I just want this law changed throughout every state and have these young men’s convictions overturned; they don’t  deserve to go through this all because of someone not being truthful. This statute also tells these young children it is OK to lie and get an adult in trouble while having no consequences themselves.

This needs to change, and I am determined to change it. I don’t want to see other mothers go through what a lot of us have gone through with our children. Someone needs to speak up!!!!!!

This girl has not only ruined my son’s life but his family’s life as well. My son is now labeled and is going to have a hard time in everything that he tries to do. I am so glad to find out I am not alone and that we all need to fight to make changes. I support my son 100%; he is a young man that made a very bad decision, and his family will be there for him no matter what happens.


2 thoughts on “Lied to by a Teenager Stating She Was 19 Years Old

  1. I was 19 when a girl lied to me about her age. We had even been to a 18+ club together and out on a few dates… Ended up being charged and eventually talked into taking a plea deal. which wasn’t up held. A 10 year registration turned to lifetime registration 24 years later and I still get denied jobs and housing because of being on the registry

  2. Wow, same kinda thing happened to me but I was like 34 went into a bar to get a pizza and met a chick playing the casino machine. We ended up hooking up a few time and got caught up with her. My lawyer said not to talk to the cops so I never got to tell my side of the story. She admitted that we had hooked up a few times and that got me 10 years with 20 years probation all because the girls mom wanted me to do time in prison. I ended up doing about 2 years and made parole but I was already locked up on some other federal charges when I got parole for the state. (the federal charges stemmed from her also she sent me a couple videos) which I got 10 years fed for that all ran concurrent. I did about 8 in a half total and in pre-release now. Currently looking for a CDL driving job but having a little trouble with that. Until I can get onto probation I have to find a local driving job.. It is much harder that I thought it would be due to being on the registry. They usually say their insurance won’t cover me or HR said they couldn’t hire me due to being on the registry.

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