Life as a Sex Offender

originally posted 5/2012


Introduction to the new Book “”Life as a sex offender”” Copyright 2012:

As I sit here today, I realize that something that happened almost 20 year ago, is still here to haunt my future and success, throwing curve balls in my path, that I have to try and hit my very best without giving up.
The book continues on…

This is my story and some stories of others. I sit here today once again effected by horrific decisions I made in my past. Although the system tells you, after you serve your sentence, it will all be over, it isn’t over. I am sitting at a friends apartment, in the semi-ghetto (to me) area of a large metropolitan city. I sit here because once again, someone has found out about my past mistakes, and told the person I was living with, that you have to kick him out right this minute. When I moved in with that person, I had a long discussion about what happened almost twenty years ago, in detail. After asking me questions, doing a background check and checking references, that person decided to share the rent with me. But then…
The story is about the life as a sex offender, something that happened almost 20 years ago still haunts his life, jobs, living, family and causes him to consistently start a life over and the cycle repeats.

You will identify with stories of frustration, hope, pain, discrimination, hurt, anger as we journey through some lives of sex offenders.

Hopefully by writing this book, more people will come to understand, identify, empathize and society will help us find places to live permanently, and permanent jobs, will realize that those who have been in the system and taken the required treatment programs have a high success rate of To those who say he is trying to justify or even glorify sex offenders, the author is just exploring a subject by telling a story.
not re-offending.

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