originally posted 12/17/2011

Life as I’d known it came to a halt in August of 2005. And so began our awakening to the U.S. Justice System and the insidious demonizing of persons arrested for sex offenses.

Never in a million years did I think this would happen to our family. As parents, we defy the accepted assumption that we were abusive to our children. Never, Ever!! Our son is a victim of brain injury that affects his take on the world. With the introduction of the internet and an undercover officer bent on conviction, our son was lured into saying things he had not done.

He accepted a plea because the alternative was too horrendous to think about. And then, they threw the book at him. First offense, many character letters on his behalf, positive testimony by a sex therapist from another state, a fully supportive family…….and he got twenty years in a federal prison.

Life will be forever changed. I don’t fly the flag anymore.


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