Heart Broken

originally posted 12/26/2011


I recently found the person I thought I would be so compatible with in life; the problem is that he is forced to be a life time registered sex offender. I was told If I lived with him or have him around my children, I have a good chance I could lose my children, my house, and our freedom. We would always no matter where we would go be judged.

My recent new found love is a life time offender because a female lied about her age; she said she was 18 and turned out to be 16. I want to know why my guy has to be a life time sex offender because a 16 year old could not be honest? This happened over 10 years ago, and he is still paying the price. I do not think it is fair to him or others like him.

I am so heart broken and don’t know which way to turn. Sex offenders should only be monitored by the police departments or state, not the public. The public reads too much into the words SEX OFFENDER. The words sex offender do not pertain to all the same things. It can mean many different things, and the news makes them out to be monsters. There is an old saying–never judge a book by its cover. I wish the public could live by those words. Sex offenders are not animals; they are human beings.


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