originally posted 3/23/2012

In 2008 I was convicted of a sex crime in Michigan. My sentence…zero jail, zero probation, zero community service, zero fine, and 25 years as a registered offender.

My crime? Shoving a $5 bill (as a joke) inside a young lady’s shirt collar. She claimed the back of my knuckles grazed over her breast for a split second. In Michigan, that is called a CSC IV. My attorney did not put me on the stand to explain myself.

After the trial, people from this small northern Michigan town reached out to me with incredible stories about “the victim.” It seems making up stories and trying to ruin people’s lives is a habit of this young lady. Some believe her bi-polar. None of it is reason for a new trial, says the Judge. Her occupation today…you guessed it; she’s a stripper!
Oh, one more thing: as a youth, this girl spent many a summer day playing in the backyard with the elected prosecutor’s daughter (turns out her grandparents were neighbors with the prosecutor).



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