SO Registration Needs Changes

originally posted 3/22/2012


I am under a ten year post registration for a non violent crime that took place back in 2007. I served my entire three years in prison and completed the Sex Offender Rehabilitation program by choice. I also completed several other courses offered through the prison system. I just feel that if the Risk Assessment people that determine your level of risk for registration finds you as a non violent offender and gives you a low to a moderate level risk then why have to register? The whole point of the registration is to show the difference in violent and non violent criminals. If they determine that I am no threat to society, then why put me in a situation that could potentially have me charged and incarcerated again for a single rule that can easily be broken or forgotten about. I want to know if there is a way to hire an attorney to have my registration taken off me for good since its only for ten years.



1 thought on “SO Registration Needs Changes

  1. I agree. I did no time for a non-contact obscenity charge. Still on the list. They can’t list the age of the victim on the SOR site because there “wasn’t” one. The studies are clear… less than 5% of us will re offend. The problem as I researched is that the law is driven by a broken evaluation system for politicians and law enforcement. We need to get the info to the public.

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