No Rights; No Relief

originally posted 2/26/2012

The registry has caused our family much humiliation and grief. My husband is a RSO,who has done his time, completed all therapy, and complied with all registry requirements. It’s a joke that there is a disclaimer posted on these sites that it can’t be used for harassment. This story is based on not only my husband (the RSO) but the family. My daughter’s ex boy friend used the information from the registry to try to gain custody of the daughter they share together. He involved a television station that took video of our home and my husband, and my daughter, his step-daughter, who was the victim. We went to an attorney and were told that it’s public record and nothing can be done. This is just one of several instances where this ex boy friend has used this information only for us to be told time and time again that we can’t do anything to him because it’s public record. Our family has been devastated; my husband is fearful now and can’t work. I understand the fears of the general public, but each situation is different and needs to be addressed as such. I have been tossing around the idea of writing a book to tell the story of how all of this impacts so many lives in a negative way. Enough is enough; it must stop.




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