No Help Anywhere

originally posted 3/7/2012


I have been on line searching for a website to help. I have found many where people are telling their stories but it doesn’t seem like people are banding together to really accomplish getting something done about the horrid realities of the SO registry. I am at my wit’s end. My grandchildren have suffered so much that they constantly talk of suicide. And all because there were 3 pictures of children that popped up when my son was looking for other pictures to do a work flyer project that involved a child’s hearing device because he was the artist in the company.

He immediately deleted them. No one could pull them up, trade them, share them or anything. But at the time the city was doing a internet SO sweep, and he was one of the unfortunate ones that the cops came knocking on his door. He was very cooperative and told them what happened. It did no good. He hired an attorney, and the prosecutor even told the attorney that my son did not fit the profile of a SO and that they could not pull up any of the pictures but said they had a code for all the pictures on that particular site and so they knew it was CP. All his friends told him he should fight it to the end.

When he tried to explain to them the fright the prosecutor put in him by telling him he would definitely go to prison the rest of his life if he took it to trial, he decided to plead guilty which in turn gave most of his friends the idea if he plead guilty, then he must be guilty. No one knows how the prosecutor is allowed to lie and distort things however they feel like doing.When my son plead guilty, his wife and I were in the courtroom. The prosecutor made my son sound like the scum of the earth. My son tried to tell the judge what this had done to his kids and the judge’s reply was, “Your kids are not this court’s problem; it is not up to this court to worry about your kids.”  They knew he was not a SO. I never in my life felt hate in my heart for another human being, but I can no longer say that. All these arrests are simply to put another feather in the cap of another politician. Mark Lunsford (Jessicas Law)had CP on his computer and gets to speak before Congress and help pass laws to put my son in prison for less than what he did. His son Joshua molested a girl which should have put him in prison and listed as a SO for 25 years but the law doesn’t  apply to him or his family. His son got 10 days in jail and did not get put on the registry. John Walsh is a confessed sex addict, and his buddy Mark Foley who helped write the Adam Walsh Law ,which referred to SO as sickos, messed around with a 16 year old aid. And these are the very people making these laws that are putting our children in prison and being on a registry for most of their lives. Why can’t a lot of us get together and go speak before Congress on behalf of our children and husbands? Is it an impossible thing to do. Talking without action is doing us absolutely no good. The mental support helps, but we have to do something. Please send suggestions. If we could get just one politician or judge or someone on our side, maybe we can do something.



3 thoughts on “No Help Anywhere

  1. I think i know all to well about the book without even a read. Not that the fear and worry you have endured is any less than my own.

    The problem here is that politicians have used this platform for years to get elected again and again. The average citizen will not feel the pain until say maybe they take away guns or that they would have to register their guns and undergo yearly psychological tests in order to keep them, maybe even quarterly tests for those deemed problematic. See where this has to go to get the average Joe’s attention.
    I don’t have the answers we all need, but I will be damned if I will sit around and let this happen to me over and over.

    So let’s get this ball and chain sawed off before we all drown.

    1. Sounds like a good book, and honestly I might buy it. But I think my donation to RSOL would be better; now if a portion of the sale went to RSOL that would be cool too. And also to reply to the post above yours, It would be nice to all band together and fight this, AND one way is to support this web site, and maybe this website can help band us together.

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