SO Laws and Their Downside

originally posted 3/16/2012


My fiance is a registered sex offender; the thing is he was convicted under false circumstances. I am the girl he got in trouble with. I was 14 and he was 19; we were not involved sexually at all; my father got mad at him and called the cops on him. He served 4 years in prison and is forced to register for the rest of his life. The thing I don’t understand is why is it that he has to register for the rest of his life when you have offenders out there who have raped 3 to 4 kids and they only have to register for a certain amount of time. I do not understand it; now he is in jail for failure to register because we lost our apartment due to him being terminated from his job. so did they want him to register at that address even though he didn’t  live there? I don’t understand these laws at all. I think that the laws are screwed up and backwards in every which way; now my fiance will not get to see his son be born in June due to the stupid sex offender laws and it pains me deeply to know that my son will not see his father.



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