The Registry Took My Life

originally posted 10/19/2011
In 1987 I took a plea to misdemeanors and was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days of probation; I was unconditionally discharged from this in 1988. After that time I was a productive and law abiding citizen.

I remarried in 1992; my wife and I had 3 wonderful children, and I was very much involved in their lives.  I would attend all their school functions even if it meant that I would have to take a vacation day at work to be there. I was involved in both Girl and Cub Scouts. I coached co-ed little league for 3 years. All during this time, I was always gainfully employed.

In 2007, in the midst of a nasty divorce, the state decided that if you were ever convicted of a sex crime, you must register. Needless to say, it created a mess for me, and my life has been nothing but downhill since.

My divorce attorney quit fighting for me. I was given limited visitation even though these offenses were 5 years before I ever met my wife, and she was aware of that. I was ordered to pay hefty child support and alimony on top of all of her debts, and she was awarded the home which she sold before the ink was dry on the decree .

In 2009 I was terminated from my job simply because I was on the registry. There were no schools, day cares, parks, or churches for miles around, and this was a factory, so there were not any minors employed there. I have filled out hundreds of applications for jobs that I am more than qualified for and have only had a few interviews since, but the moment they find out I am on the registry, it is don’t call us; we will call you attitude.

The worse of it all is my 3 children have graduated, and I was not allowed to attend any of them due these unconstitutional laws. My oldest daughter married in 2009, but I was not allowed to give her away due the fact children were there. These are things I will never get back, and they were taken away from me because of these unconstitutional laws.


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