Don’t We Deserve a Second Chance?

originally posted 7/2012

I am on the registry since 2005, charged with child pornography; lots of images.  Took the plea deal:  10 years registration, which two years later got grandfathered to a lifetime registration.   Did sex offender treatment, three years of probation.  All completed, all done with.   I thought.  I am not denying any of the pornography, but at a certain point in treatment, I felt forced to add a number of things – touching or groping  that didn’t occur – just to move beyond that particular point.  I know it sounds like a lie; treatment was one of the best things that could of happened to me, it allowed me to reveal things that I have kept hidden for so long, including being sexually abused myself.   Another red flag:  I am not supposed to use that as an excuse, or a crutch, I was constantly told in treatment.  You are looking at a man whose life from the age of 12 has been fear based.  Never letting anyone get close, never having the strength to tell , only after I almost destroyed myself and my family.  Living on the SOR hasn’t always been good, threats at work, having to find housing that doesn’t include a background check, always fearing the worst can still happen, and BANG it happens;  I was one of 400 let go from my last employer.  Unemployment is running out and I have applied for over 200 jobs with no one answering back.  The depression and anxiety day to day is almost unbearable.  I want to prove not only to the public, but to my family, that I can do the right thing and try and turn my life around.  There are some days where I find it hard to move let alone get out of bed, suicide thoughts are always there, but I have to prove to my family that the risk they took believing in me enough to stand by me all the way, washes those thought out.   I plead to one or any government official, don’t we deserve a second chance?

3 thoughts on “Don’t We Deserve a Second Chance?

    1. You bet ya as we all need a second chance. Here is my email: and I would be happy to share some idea’s with you as these internet sex sting operations are true deception with a sexual slant that prey’s on adults, When all is said and done and when you really think about it, its all a con game to catch a predator.

  1. We all deserve a second chance. I to have spurts of depression and sure I have my ups and down’s. Of course I getting into a position were I want to fight back with my plea deal I received. Who wants to live with a life time of being on the registry. Lawmakers take pride in the law’s they propose. Man does not care about the sex offender or dehumanizing him.
    Ok so you got carried away with porn or something like that. Well we all have to clean up our act and its never to late. All of us have our troubles and different types of sex offenses but if you never touched a child than that’s one thing as apposed to those that have actually raped someone. I know it seems like there is no end to all this registry stuff but we all need a second chance.

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