My Husband Is not a Typical Sex Offender

originally posted 7/2012

My husband is a RSO and I love him dearly.  All my hubby did was show some porn to his daughter trying to teach her how to defend herself.  He realizes this was not a good thing to do.  She told his mom about it and she (his mom) reported the incident to the police thinking that my husband would only get a slap on the hand.  As a result, my husband was arrested and charged with a sex offense.  He did his prison time, but he is continually being punished as a result of the registry.  My dear husband cannot get employment or housing.  He now has to list all the places he frequents on the registry including the places where he eats, or it’s considered a parole violation which could send him back to prison.  He can’t even use my place to take showers or eat, or I would have to put my address on the registry which would make me a target for vigilante justice as well as lose my place and my husband does not want that.

My husband is a good, decent person with high morals and a loving spirit.  He wants to be a productive member of society if given a chance.  That registry, as well as his numerous parole restrictions and SO conviction has ruined his life and has affected my life as well.

Please abolish the registry!





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