Arrested for Talking Online

originally posted 7/2012

I was talking through a chat room and ended up talking to multiple undercover cops posing as 15 year olds.  When they tried to get me out in public to meet I declined.  A few days later I was arrested anyway.  I was charged with soliciting a minor, even though I didn’t leave my residence.  I lost the job I had at the time and was let go from another shortly after sentencing.   My attorney recommended taking the deal offered but promised to appeal and never did.   I’m currently going through the court ordered therapy which is a joke.  I find they teach people how to find easier victims.  The therapist also has told the group that there are no good males in her profession and has blamed men for most evil in the world.  I can’t find a job and I have to see a man-hating therapist.  On top of this the county can’t even get my information correct! What’s the point to all of this?

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  1. Same thing happened to my husband; his lawyer told him to take the deal. The home we bought, we had to move out of. He couldn’t go to funerals or be around his own son. My husband never left the house; when the undercover cops tried to get him to, he said no; the next day he was arrested.

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