Hard Times

originally posted 6/2012

In 2003, I was told I had to register as a ten year registrant.  In 2008, I received a letter stating that I would have to register for the rest of my life.  Talk about change!  My son had just been born and I was happy.  I was doing my best to move forward in my life but this letter just put a roadblock in the way.  I was convicted of two crimes; one in October of 2003 and one in the summer of 2004.  I was told that due to these two crimes I was supposed to be a lifetime RSO.   Other people have the same two crimes; some have even three yet they are 10 year RSOs.  How is that even possible?  I try to better my life by going to school and getting a better education but even that doesn’t help.  I’m a RSO in Maine, and I push forward cutting my way through all the red tape and all you other RSOs should do the same.  Keep your chin up and keep moving forward because there is hope out there for all of us, it just takes a little hard work.  As for me I’m still a lifetime registrant but I feel that if I keep pushing forward that will change.

1 thought on “Hard Times

  1. I was a lifer at one time, but thanks to the ACLU that changed in Fed. Court. They put about 14,000 of us back to the old law. I know how you feel. When I got that letter, I when down hill fast. I still have to petition the court, so I have no guarantee that they will turn me loose. Georgia had the most cruel law in the land at one time. You just have to keep going.

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