A Cruel Law

originally posted 6/2012

I was imprisoned for nine months in gaol for not pleading guilty and 30 years on the sex offenders’ list and was refused an appeal which has devastated my life. I have been denied  natural justice and I am stuck with evidence that exposes my innocence and I am also stuck with the stigma of being branded something that I have always despised.  What makes it worse — the culprit had admitted to the authorities in March 1984, but was not charged and it was his crimes that I have been charged with.  This was also known by the police with other damning evidence and I have been condemned for life with monthly checks. This is depressing and it if it wasn’t for my friends & family I would not be alive today without their belief in me.  That includes their daughters whom  I looked after as children.  Trust me with children and ignore the cruel law which has condemned my normal life of being with children, any chance of getting employment and being financially independent!

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