What Happened to the Constitution?

originally posted 6/2012


I  am an rso residing in Illinois  it seems like every time that the state legislature is finished, there are new laws and regulations that are more punitive and degrading to rso’s in this state.it is a living nightmare of more punishment that is thought up by our government leaders. The registry list reminds me of Schindler’s list from the madness of the Nazi regime. we are being politically enslaved, and slavery was abolished by President Lincoln.  Martin Luther King died because he believed in what the constitution has written in it for the freedoms that all american citizens should have, that includes all rights and liberty. John Walsh is exploiting the emotions of people to gain fame and fortune. he is no better than the ones he puts on most wanted. it makes me sick to watch any of his endorsements or shows. he is one of the group of vigilantes stalking so’s, and promoting the madness, and include our government leaders as well.

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