Separated for life

I met a very sweet loving woman in Manila Philippines in 2008 and revisited her 7 times and was married in 2010 with dreams of being together forever here in the USA. Now the USCIS will not allow me to bring my wife to the United States because I’m on the registry in Alabama. Also now after 7 wonderful trips spending every minute together, we now have to inform Interpol anytime we travel outside the USA. Interpol notified the Philippine government of my last trip there and I was refused entry to the country, now on the BLACKLIST there. We are married for life under Philippine law and I love her with every ounce of life I have. I do everything I can to make life as normal as possible for her and she still has hopes and dreams, but it seems now we can never see each other again. They will not even give her a visa to visit here because I live here. What has the ADAM WALSH CHILD PROTECT ION ACT got to do with me bringing my adult legally married wife to the states? We had no idea the  United States government could or would take this right from us. I hope there is some one out there that can understand what it feels like to miss the love of your life every single minute of every single day and how much it hurts. We are both consenting adults so I do not understand why they would do this to us. I know this may seem small compared to what some others have been through, but look at the rights the USA took from us. This is not the America I grew up in that guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. My loving wife has never harmed a living soul in her life. She does not deserve to be treated like this by the LAND OF THE FREE. I do not know what to do, but I will take care of her for the rest of my life even if we never can be together, WE GAVE OUR WORD TO EACH OTHER .

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  1. OH… Just got done reading the rest of your post… errrr that mess sucks… i am so so so so sorry… you will definately be in my prayers… i did not think they were doing it like that internationally (I’m hoping i spelled that right by the way)

  2. Though you may not know me… and though we may never meet we all share a comon heartache from a judicial system thats flawed and inconsistant… a legislation that is seriously broken and is way out of hand… I am sorry that you can not be with the one that you love the most more than anything… my only advice is see if you other half can fill out the paper work to get a visa to come here… and when they are here have LOOOOOOOOTTTTTSSS OF BABIES!!!!!!!!!! so that they can not go back and that secures their american citizenship instantly….


  3. Jackyline

    Although I too have lost much in my life, I can only imagine the pain and loss you are going through, AWA is just another form of punishment for a mistake that there is no second chance, it could have been two people in love as teens do, but one was a few years older, many incidents get you placed on the registry now days with almost no way off. I really do not have words for you in your pain, time and luck my change what is going on in our country, hope will help, but it really means nothing in time like this. Stay strong for your wife and yourself, fill your time with helping others change these insane laws, in the end it is the only way, stand up and fight.

    My warmest regards to you in these trouble times.

  4. Jack,

    I just found your story while I was taking a break from looking at how to bring my wife of 7 years from her home country with me when I visit “home” for a few weeks later this year. I wonder if I should even TRY to do the tourist visa paperwork for her now. I have a new life here but have some FINAL family business to take care of back “home” even though I no longer live in “the land of the free” because of this new McCarthyistic Witch Trial.

    1. anotherexpat

      I would have to say I doubt you will have any success, it could depend on the country you are coming from, I have known a few guys who have failed in this task because of the AWA. I wish you luck also and who knows luck just might be with you.


  5. I am very sorry for the lost you have suffered, Have you tried to have a lawyer help you with this? And since when were ex-offenders put on the Interpol list?

    It seems we are moving backwards in our fight to have a new life, so many people on this registry for life that are not a threat, our government does not want people who made a mistake to ever get their life back.

    Write if you feel like and I feel your pain.

  6. What was your crime that it would involve an adult? How can they keep you from getting married? Have you tried your congressman? oh, that’s right, sorry, I too live in Alabama. I am looking at my son having to go to prison for 5 years in 7 weeks for having a camera in his bathroom and it took a picture of his stepdaughter that she found on the computer and he never even saw. Unreal. Keep us updated if there is any news.

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