My son is just stupid. He had a camera in his bathroom that was motion activated. His stepdaughter found herself on the internet one night and her mother jerked up the computer and took it to the cops.  He had friends that had been stealing stuff out of the bathroom for years and had finally gotten a camera.  Months later the mother got custody of the daughter and it never occurred to him to take it down.  He had tried to download it to the computer but did not think it worked as he never could find anything, so he just put the camera back up to use as a towel rack, which it was.  Now he is facing 5 years if he takes the deal or life if he goes to trial. All the lawyers tell him to take the deal that you cannot afford to go to trial in the Bible-thumping state of Alabama.  This is killing us.  How can you take a plea saying you are guilty of something you are not guilty of? How can you go to prison for 5 years and be forever a sex offender?  This woman never gave him a chance to explain anything. As soon as she took the computer to the cops, it was over.  Now he has a girlfriend with 3 children that he cannot be around at all.  We have about 7 weeks until he has to go.  What the hell can we do?  Alabama has some of the toughest if not the toughest sex offender laws in the nation.  It is like their immigration law.  They just want you to leave the state.

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  1. I have seen things like this before… when I was in prison i had literally met a woman who her very sentenced made me ache for her… see she had fell out of love with her husband and actually in love with his brother… right? simple jerry springer stuff we see all the time… however, her husband filed charges against her and won… the charges were incest… even though biologically she was not inclined to him… he was able to prove through legislative laws that even though by law and marriage that was her brother through those legislative laws it is incest…

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