Texas teen facing long sentence

Original post date: 17.06.2008

Jean Ponzanelli was in court yesterday. His attorney asked the judge to reset his hearing on the writ. The attorney is asking the court to allow Jean to withrdraw his plea based on the immigration issue. The judge said he would reset the hearing for 7/2/08 as he doesn’t see the writ happening. The judge also scheduled the revocation hearing for the same day.

So, looks like the judge will recommend the appellate court to deny the writ and will revoke Jean’s probation and sentence him to prison on 7/2/08. Jean is looking at a 10 year prison term.

I just want someone to tell me this is really not happening in this great country of ours. The bottom line is that we are sending a kid to prison for having sex with another kid. The court will argue that he is being sent to prison for violating probation. I would argue the kid should not have been on probation in the first place since the kid should never have been arrested. Jean’s probation was like purgatory. Now they are sending him to hell.

My heart truly breaks.

2 thoughts on “Texas teen facing long sentence

  1. it is not right and more people need to do something about this to get this changed because hundreds of thousands of young people are literally going through hell because of this and this is not right…

  2. I know it is not right… I did a little research yesterday… there is a situation out of vero beach florida… girl by the name kaitlyn hunt… see she was 17 and dated a girl who was 14… but the parents of the 14 year old could of cared less about the whole age difference thing… they were just angry about the fact of the homosexuality complex… well needless to say, they waited till the 17 year old turned 18 and then went down to the sherrif’s department and filed charges… the whole state is in and uproar… just a few days ago… there was an arrainment for the 18 year old to take a deal… the district attourney’s office offered a deal 2 years on house arrest and then go on the registry… see florida has mostly the same kind of laws as georgia… life time registry no if ands or buts and age of consent is strictly 16 however, georgia passed the romeo juliet law back in 2009 a judge signed off with sonny purdue… the romeo juliet falls in the guide lines of the 4 years of age difference… if the case falls into that 4 years of age after sentencing and a good attourney you can get the charge dropped down to a misdermenor and not have to register… florida i does not have that law and many other states however do not… my case fall’s into the class of romeo juliet… I was 19 and my ex at the time was 15 only four years same situation as the kaitlyn girl out of florida… im just waiting on a check and then im going to go get me a attourney that has a losing record of zero and get my record exsponged… when i was going through this whole ordeal, they tried to scare me into taking a plea deal… they said things like “oh don’t worry worst case senario you’ll get 125 years that’s all” stuff like that… but i really did not want to be on the registry at all… pled not guilty for two years waiting in the county jail… the day before trial, they dropped 4 counts out of the 5 to the incident and the DA offered for me to be only sentenced on one count… when i took that plea and went in that court room to let my judge sentence… my judge told me that if i would have pled not guilty he would have dismissed it… but because i entered a plea admitting my guilt he said that he was mandated by georgia legislative law to sentence me… he even asked the DA “do i really have to sentence her… can i not send her home?” (he felt the who thing was mistreated and completely stupid) but of coarse the DA said according to legislative law… you have to sentence her… do you know how dumbfounded i was… they did not send me to prison because im a supposed predator… they sent me because of politics… according to certain legislative laws was what that DA said… i got 10 do 5 that day… that day altered the history of my entire life… im under romeo and juliet but if i do not get attourney im on it like everyone else for life because that is what georgia offers… life time registry… so yeah i know… oh and i had a friend who had the same thing i was going through and they gave her 25 do 5… so yeah i know…

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