Feeling what it’s like to have fewer rights than a murderer

I moved from North Carolina to Illinois in 2010 and received a letter by the IL state police stating that I was no longer required to register and that I had completed my registration requirements in IL. This year (2014), a cop has decided that he would like to see me register even though the law states that I shouldn’t have to register unless convicted of another felony. I pleaded with him and said I was not required to register. Now, I find myself fighting a failure-to-register (FTR) case, as well as having my computers confiscated.  I never thought I would have my rights violated like this, but obviously they can get away with pretty much anything they want without having to pay any consequence. The reason I had my computers confiscated is because I told him I referee hockey (men’s hockey), and he turned it around and said I reffed children’s hockey. So he took all of my computers with the hope of finding me soliciting services such as hockey and so forth to minors, which he won’t find. Nonetheless, I feel extremely violated and have never felt so depressed, scared and vulnerable as I do right this minute.

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