What is a “Would be Predator”?

I have always pondered that question and while I am branded a sex offender for life it makes one think that maybe they should of gave more thought to this issue instead of taking a plea deal as most of these sex offenses are usually taken care of by Plea deals offered by the courts.

My situation stemmed from being on an adult chat site and I happened to click on a screen name and had a sexual chat with a person that said they were 15. I questioned her why she couldn’t find anyone her own age and all those things and she came up with lie’s after lies. Course I had told her I never meet anyone online but as it happened I was induced by her when she had told me she was home alone the second night. She had wanted me to cam and other things such as send pictures, etc., sounded a bit strange and even though I clicked off the first night and went to bed the second night she clicked onto me and used the ruse ” I’m home alone again” which prompted me into asking her if she would like to meet me.
When going down to meet her their was a call and she was on the phone and wanted to know if I was coming and suggested in changing the meeting place that nothing would happen since we where meeting n public.

Well to make a long story short it was law enforcement … they had induced me by telling me nothing would happen, lied to me about their sexual encounters and although I gave a sexual erotic story to her there was no mention of me wanting to have sex with this so called teenager. If the inducement and lies’ had not came up would you call myself a would be predator.

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  1. I was also caught in an online sex sting. I was 33, and in an “adult only” dating chatroom. One person I started talking to had a blank profile, which seemed odd. no age, no picture, no location. after some sex talk, they began to tell me they were 13. It didn’t fit the conversation, it seemed like a role playing thing. They insisted on meeting at a public place. Before I went, I decided not to go just in case it wasn’tan adult. I looked up the number to the meeting place and called. The manager put the “girl”onthe phone. It was an adult female. Not a child. She was upset that I was not wanting to meet, and then said she was stranded.
    Anyways, after I showed up and got arrested, I was taken to a room with 4 undercover officers, given a paper and was told what to write.
    My lawyer did not even try to help me. He just wanted me to plead guilty. I am now 45, and have 6 months left to register. But it has destroyed my life.

  2. My name is Legion, and so is yours. In my case, they found NO actual child porn on my computer so they substituted adult porn and CALLED it child porn “12 – 16 years old” my public defender lied to me, and told me that the actual ages of the performers did not matter that “if the judge thought it looked like child porn, it WAS child porn.”
    Being abysmally ignorant have any sort of judicial or juridical procedures, I was coerced into pleading guilty. A plea of guilty is kind of like having your dick cut off and burned in front of your eyes. You ain’t ever going to get it back, and likewise – unless you have very deep pockets – you ain’t ever going to overturn that guilty plea.

  3. I’m an elderly man, illegally and wrongfully convicted of a non-violent, non-contact sex offense.Psychological torture was used by the prosecutor and her buddy the public defender to coerce a plea of guilty, after being told that with extant mandatory minimums, the risk of a trial was too great.
    Everyone who is forced to undergo a change of plea hearing, where rule “Eleven B” is read out to you in monotone fashion by a soft-spoken judge should at the outset be granted non-Compes mentis status no matter what their mental state is at the time.and no matter what their level of education, because you can’t POSSIBLY know, or appreciate exactly what it is you’re giving up – FOREVER. Believe me, you have no idea what you’re in for when you sit still for a rule eleven B hearing and agree to it. A guilty plea sticks to you like a deep tattoo you can never get rid of. My entire legal proceeding was actually illegal, and a complete fiction, but at the time I was in complete and almost total ignorance of how judicial processes work. Neither was I aware of things like the PLRA or the AEDPA which limit a convict’s response time to one year. (Is getting up to lawyer speed one’s ignorant self even possible in that time?)
    I did find out in PRISON, after being sentenced to ninety-seven months, (8 Years)that the magistrate judge who gets your habeas corpus petition contesting all the things that went into your conviction including violations of your first, second, fourth, sixth, and fourteenth amendment rights, Is a creature of the district judge who sentenced you originally. The magistrate’s first agenda is to support his superior’s original decision if he can. His reasoning is such to say “Hey – you PLED, case closed. Habeas corpus is denied.”
    I was recently released from prison physically broken and broke and no lawyer will take a case like mine pro-bono. I find now on the outside after complying with the sexual offender registry act, that I might as well have been a Jew in Nazi Germany. I don’t have to wear a yellow star, but the way things are going, those of us on the registry will soon have to wear some sort of yellow phallic symbol sewn onto the outside of our clothes.

  4. Hello Connie, I sometimes use my nickname “saddle shoes” but I can tell you that it seems that we don’t have any hope in government with these offenses of a sexual nature. They themselves think we are lower than low so they keep us in bondage, lock us up to punish us, which is their human form of correction and than they give us rules that are unbearable to say the least. I know its tough, not only for you or the one going thru it but there is hope.
    Now the bible says submit yourself to authorities but at the same time one can rebuke others…. now mind you human authority goes a bit too far and they are the one’s that have swayed so keep them that in mind and call them on it. With God all things are possible, with man you might as well throw your hands up. See man is to proud to admit there faults even thought the person in question has paid his dues’ to society they (law enforcement) admit that they have never actually admitted and the lifetime they serve on the registry is there way of showing pride to the voters.
    Yes, Connie it is punishment to be branded whether they say it is or not. People need to live and let live and love thy neighbor as thyself like the bible says.
    It seems for the sex offender there is no loving thy neighbor. Authority’s are just as bad as the next person.
    And yes Connie, police want restitution which is usually money as they are greedy and proud. Now we all have to fight our own battles. Advocates sometimes cannot do it for us all the time. Different States and different rules but what one can do is show compassion, batter Christian understand, live for the Lord or come to know the lord better. I don’t know anybody that the Lord doesn’t have compassion over either good or bad and it seems law enforcement is bad in these cases.
    Last thing God uses’ the simple things, the weak things in this world to confound the wise. Supreme Courts might think they’re wise but, then again, when they are hurting people and restricting people they aren’t wise. Stand up everyone that is being afflicted by these sex offender laws.

  5. My son is a registered SO. He has been treated unfairly by the courts since day one. He was given a public defender who had him plead guilty.. Two weeks later she went to work for the Dept. of Child Services. (Conflict of interest wouldn’t you say) The “victim” in the case testified that it was as much her doing as his. (In fact is it was more her doing than his.) My son was living at this girls house (another long story, but for all the right reasons) The Mother of the “victim” told me personally “that it was so cute, how my son’s little wifey kissed him and tucked him in every night. I told her that was wrong. When my son stopped paying all their Rent to Own bills, they decided to press charges, but not before the Step Father and brother attacked my son in his sleep and beat him so severely that he lost permanent hearing in one ear. They went to his place of employment and falsely claimed to be my husband and took all of his tools. My son was advised by his public defender “not to make waves.” He was sentenced to 1 yr, and 3yrs probation. He served 2 1/2 years of that probation in my home. A new PO illegally made him sign a piece of paper (by threatening to violate him on the spot if he did not sign) that said he would pay all court costs and fines by the end of the week or he would be violated (when the terms of his probation stated he would not be released from probation unless all fines were paid-he had 6 mnths left to do that). He couldn’t pay and was violated. Re-sentenced to 10yrs prison-6yrs probation. He is to be released the end of Jan. Because new laws came in to play before his release, he cannot come back to his home to live. We have made over 100 phone calls, driven more that 400 miles and we cannot find any place within this city or County for him too live. My neighbors (even though they have children) all think it is an outrage, and would not consider him a threat. Even if we put him into a temporary residence (a seedy motel that wants $290 a week to house him, he will then have to jump through all the hoops again and pay additional funds for changing his address. We are desperate because they will put him back and jail if he cannot come up with a permanent residence. Anyone know of any help? I am in Central FL.

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