What is a “Would be Predator”?

I have always pondered that question and while I am branded a sex offender for life it makes one think that maybe they should of gave more thought to this issue instead of taking a plea deal as most of these sex offenses are usually taken care of by Plea deals offered by the courts.

My situation stemmed from being on an adult chat site and I happened to click on a screen name and had a sexual chat with a person that said they were 15. I questioned her why she couldn’t find anyone her own age and all those things and she came up with lie’s after lies. Course I had told her I never meet anyone online but as it happened I was induced by her when she had told me she was home alone the second night. She had wanted me to cam and other things such as send pictures, etc., sounded a bit strange and even though I clicked off the first night and went to bed the second night she clicked onto me and used the ruse ” I’m home alone again” which prompted me into asking her if she would like to meet me.
When going down to meet her their was a call and she was on the phone and wanted to know if I was coming and suggested in changing the meeting place that nothing would happen since we where meeting n public.

Well to make a long story short it was law enforcement … they had induced me by telling me nothing would happen, lied to me about their sexual encounters and although I gave a sexual erotic story to her there was no mention of me wanting to have sex with this so called teenager. If the inducement and lies’ had not came up would you call myself a would be predator.

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