Disney World’s ridiculous trespass policy

Hi All,

I’m brand new to the forum and wanted to share my “Tale From The Registry”.

Last Sunday, my family and I were humiliated at Disney World while attempting to enter Animal Kingdom. It was more of a heartbreak to my family than it was to me because, fortunately, I’ve learned to deal with the discrimination towards SO’s over the last 25 years.

The crux of the story is that my 34-year-old son purchased an annual pass for me as a birthday gift so I could start going to Disney with them since they already had passes of their own. He and his wife have a wonderful little 4 year old son who is my pride and joy. Being able to share Grandpa time with him at Disney over the years would have been a special thing for the entire family.

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  1. Unfortunately I too was convicted on a plea bargain, even though I kept telling the detective and the DA that though I acted inappropriate it wasn’t indecent. Yet I got charged ass a sex offender and have spent the last seven years losing jobs, family hardship, embarrassment in my neighborhood. I went back to college and graduated as an accountant and started my own practice because I couldn’t hold a job. Though I finished my probation four years ago I have to stay on the registry for at least 10 years. I was also put on a GPS because of a wrongful recidivism rate for the entire 10 years. My hope is to go to court at the end of the 10 years and ask to be taken off the registry.

  2. I’m new to this two. My 35 year old son is serving his sentence and has a level 2 so. Long story short is the only person he hurt through this was himself, no adult or child. But I worry about things like you experienced. shame on us as people judging before we know the reason… I’m very sorry for your experience

  3. I’m new to all this myself. But it disgust me how how people treat someone when they learn their Sex offender they don’t care how it came about, your a monster. Well this is not always true. Some are falsely accused and pay for it for the rest of their lives. It’s a sad world that we live in.

    1. I am also saddened by this every minute of every day. My husband is listed as a level 3. Never touched a child and no rape involved. Not even close. The system is horrible. Today my 8 yr old had a problem in school and he left work to go check on him. He was asked to leave the school. They wldnt even let him see his child

  4. My husband never hurt anyone. He is a level 3 and lost kids from a previous marriage. I mean he gets supervised visits by me but its 18 hrs a month. It was more before we went to court. Going to court for him to get more time ended up making things worse. The judge didn’t care it had been 6 years and that he never touched anyone or hurt anyone. You get labeled a sex offender you are a modern day witch to society. There has to be a change in the laws! This is effecting him but his kids and me and my son! He can’t even take his kids to the playground. There are dangerous people out there but they shouldn’t be put in one boiling pot per say when it comes to levels and punishment. The punishment should fit the crime and that be it. There are level 3 that hurt a child and my husband is right with him in the publics eyes. Its a disgrace!! Something has to change and change now!

    1. I am so sorry for what you and family are suffering. Right now, my husband, a veteran man who defended this country twice, is being accused by my niece of peeing in the woods close by her five years ago. We are facing the worst time ever and can’t imagine this thing could put him in jail and ruin his life, mine and our lil daughter. I just now realized how evil is the system. I agreed that they should do something about register bc it is insane. Your neighboor just will know that your husband is a sex offender and does not care what crime he was accused. I pray my God for a dismiss but also I am so affraid it won’t happen.

  5. Well I’ve been on it since I was 17 and I am 42 nowp; I have not been in trouble since; I’m still paying for something I didn’t do. I didn’t rape or touch a kid or a woman but, to this day, I have to live with this cause the girl lied about her age to her mom but, anyway, i am on probation cause of this; trying to move out of Augusta, Georgia; they won’t let me I pay my fine I follow the law but my p.o. is working against me; I can’t make a living down here. I passed up two jobs that could have helped me pay off my fine years ago, but cause of my p.o. & Georgia I’m stuck. Help me please.

    1. I’ve been on the registry since I was 20. I am now 38 and I have a son who is 17. I was sixteen when this happened and I have been living a nightmare ever since.I thought when I completed my probation I could maybe try to live a normal life but the registry laws have beaten me. When i got out of prison I told myself I would not be a statistic and wanted to prove I was not a monster. I went to school for 5 years to be an electrician and it looked good for me but then the laws changed and now I have to register for the rest of my life even after I completed all my probation. Now its difficult to find housing or work and i’m on the verge of being homeless. I love my family so much. All I want is the opportunity to live a normal life. These registry laws have to be changed so good people can have a chance.

      1. We are living on the Big island! It is the first time we have peace and are left alone . We fill a form every 3 months go in every year and are left alone

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