I’m a mom new to this too

I’m so lost and empty right now.. I feel so sick with worry and fear wondering how this will all go.. My son is only 17.. He has a learning disability and doesn’t really fit in with others his age.. Hes more at his sisters age level around 14-15.. So his sisters friends are who his friends are.. Him and one of her friends decided they liked each other and ended up sleeping together.. The girl told her mom and her mom fearing am unwanted pregnancy took her for the morning after pill.. The hospital automatically called the cops.. Its statutory of course because he is 17.. But the m and daughters story have changed from what was originally told to me when the mom made contact with me.. So there is a total of 6 charges, one being actual rape.. Idk what to do.. I’m at an attorneys office as I type this, crossing my fingers and praying.. We live in MO.. Idk.. Guess just reaching out to find others to connect with and try get through this..

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  1. Cathy I am sorry to hear this But your son needs your support and prayers. If the person you are in a relationship can not be understanding or have mercy you just might have to let him go or just be friends. Everyone like to judge but God is the judge and in his eyes sin is sin which means its all equal people tend to act like they are perfect and they are not.
    My prayers go to you and everyone else who is going through this.

  2. My oldest son is on parole for sex offending…he has a job now and we are looking for a new home for him because he is in a prp house…I live with my boyfriend…we are having serious issues because he can’t deal with the fact that my son is a sex offender..my question is should I move on or should I try to save my relationship of 4 1/2 years?

    1. Cathy, never give up on any of your family members no matter what. I know life isn’t always easy and one caught up in all this sex hysteria sometimes doesn’t know where to turn. What if you where in his shoes.
      You say he’s got a job then that’s a plus. I’m sure he has a rough road to follow and he needs family guidance also. That probation officer isn’t gonna give him guidance like family.
      All probation officers are trained to do one thing and that is correct with their methods and their methods are punishment and not really correction. True correction comes from the bible so stand up for him. I know it’s hard but I’m sure you and those around can give him the support that he needs in his time of need.

    2. If you ask me anyone who is so adamant about the son of his girl because of a sex offense has a serious kink. All this judgmental pretending about the morals of other people covers up a moronic sadistic streak. Tell him to go 4letter word him self because he’s the only person that can live up to his phony blue nose savage standards. Were always making up to these hypocrites with cloying excuses and apologies. They are the people who are dangerous and they won’t be happy until they make the whole world into prisons and concentration camps burn some witches and have public pillories.

  3. Things are still in the beginning.. We have court the 1st week of April.. His attorney is hoping we can get him out on house arrest at least for the duration of court.. With some evidence I was able to give the attorney there is some hope that some charges may be able to get dropped and some others possibly lowered.. Because our attorney was recommended by a few close friends he is working with me on payments pretty well at this point.. I’m willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything that can be done is to achieve the best possible outcome.. We are so lost without my son.. I do all I can to make sure he knows how much we all love him and have his back no matter what.. Thank you for your reply and words.. Just hearing from others who understand is a big help on our end..

    1. Cathy,
      You are not alone. You won’t even comprehend how many others are in the same boat.
      Always be there for your son. He is way more important than anyone else. The laws have to change for us to exist as a nation.

  4. I hope by now your situation is on it’s way to improving. I hope you have a good lawyer. I have found that justice depends on the quality of your lawyer & how much money you can pay.
    It’s hard to deal with, it is scary. But you love your son no matter what, and you will get through it.

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