Time to enact a Lolita law?

Feminists will always teach and reward girls for being Lolitas, because ‘tricking men’ into statutory rape is a feminist CA$H COW.

Lolita: [lō lēt′ə] noun.
The definition of a Lolita is a female under the age of consent who seduces adult men.

If a under age girl dresses and acts like she’s 21+ to buy alcohol with a fake ID the police will arrest her for lying about her age. Police don’t wink at each other and tell the clerk OH, YOU KNEW SHE WAS UNDER AGE. If the same girl lies and says she’s 18 in order to have sex with a 18+ man, he goes to prison for HER LIES about her age.

HORMONES? If an under age high school girl murders a romantic rival, she is held accountable for murder and the tempestuous hormones of her youth are no excuse. If the same girl lies about her age and has sex with a adult man, she’s the innocent victim of her hormones.

Feminists give Lolitas a “get-out-of-jail-free-card” for having sex with adult men. Sex investigators and prosecutors make them feel like HOLLYWOOD SEX CELEBRITIES for tricking men then ‘kissing and telling’.

If Lolitas where prosecuted as adults, and had to do jail/prison time (and register as sex offenders just like the male victims of their lies), statutory rape would all but disappear (but so would the MISANDRY billion$ it generates for feminists).

And for those MI$ANDRY reasons women, especially feminists, will always reward and teach girls to be Lolita’s.

8 thoughts on “Time to enact a Lolita law?

  1. I’m a lifelong reg member; and yours is the first writing on this site that has made me mad.

    You are victim blaming here. Also, your rambling’s indicate you have no clue what feminism is. Feminism (3rd wave) is about equality between all people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, etc.. It focuses on feminist issues because 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted. Real feminists know that you can have feminism and not exclude other causes. Also true educated feminism has nothing to do with man hating, baiting, etc..

    Lolitas exist, and it is wrong to take advantage of them. Regardless of causes we are still 110% responsible for our actions. Even if you walked into a room full of naked lolitas, beggin you to take them…if they are underage YOU ARE RAPING THEM. Plain and simple.

  2. My son met and fell in “love” with a troubled teen. I had no idea this girl’s mother was letting them live together in her house, but when I found out and tried to get him to move home at least until the girl turned 16 in about 5 months time, he refused. He chose to be arrested and go to prison for this girl because “all the other guys in her life had left her, and HE wasn’t going to leave her.
    So, as the records clerk of my county’s Sheriff’s Office, I had to fingerprint, photograph, and place my own son on the Sex Offender Registry. I now have PTSD over anything to do with it.
    He was an immature kid of 24, wanting to save the girl even if it meant prison.
    Oh- when he got out of prison, he found out she was living with another guy, but “only until you got out of prison, because I needed someone.”
    Ten years later, he is married, has a 5 year old son, and is seeing how this Registry is ruining his life. He isn’t allowed to go see his son at any school functions, isn’t allowed to go to church, can’t take his son to parks or playgrounds, and everyone who finds out about him says he is a child molester! NC Registry lists crime as ” indecent liberties with a minor,” but doesn’t give the age of that “minor!”

  3. This whole SORNA business is causing severe consequences in my own life. I am a previously published author of three out of print novels from the last century and am about to republish them as Ebooks. Part of that process involves being able to use social media to promote such publications. But Illinois law prohibits convicted sex offenders on the registry from ever visiting ANY social media site online, including ALL social media, including employment sites. Not only that, but as a wrongly convicted felon forced to cop a plea rather than risk a trial, and despite the fact that I’m a veteran, eligible for those health care benefits, I am refused them because I was on the Illinois sex offender registry. I do not have the financial resources of a William Kennedy Smith to prove my innocence of this charge. We REALLY SHOULD petition Congress to change the wording of the Pledge of Allegiance we all had to recite as children in elementary school…not by much, just an addition of four little words to follow “liberty and Justice for all” which are: “who can afford it.”
    Injustice in this nation is abundant and available for free. If you really want JUSTICE. however, you must have very deep pockets indeed.

  4. On ABC’s the view last week there was a story about a 13 year old girl who set up a face book account stating that she is 19; and she is a freak. Maybe I’m to old because I don’t know the definition of a freak? She further posted photos in lingerie (or naked); any red blooded adult or juvenile male could have innocently downloaded this self produced child pornography. She does not understand the Adult ramifications for her and others that she is creating, people on the registry are being hunted down and killed, homes set on fire. Her mother was clearly upset so she publicly shamed her 13 year old daughter, there was over 800,000 views of the mother’s shaming. Why did the media NOT mention what could happen to a person who innocently downloads these images? Because all registered citizens are targets of the system and the system needs money, like any other business new customers bring more money. CITIZENS beware! you can be that next registered citizen customer.

  5. Absolutely! In the case my family has been tormented by, the “perpetrator” was my mom and the “victim” was a young man who took advantage of my mom. As soon as anyone in the media or otherwise hears about a “sex offense” of any kind they blast the news. They make it sound as bad as they possibly can. Even if the person has a great lawyer and a great defense they will still have the accusations following them for the rest of their lives!

    And God help those who don’t have that lawyer and that defense! My mom didn’t. It has been 14 years since her arrest and 8 years since she was released from prison and I still get people almost on a weekly basis who question me and my business because my mom is on the registry!!!

    He should’ve been the one to go to prison.

    It is good to know that not everybody is on the bandwagon against everyone who has ever been accused of this crap. But it also sucks to know that so many have heartbreaking stories like my family’s.

    Keep your heads up! God knows you and He loves you and He knows your story and not everyone is out to get you!!!

    1. Rozann,

      I’d like to know the details of your mother’s case. I’m the author of a book entitled “Women as ‘Rapists’ and ‘Pedophiles’: Why Mary Letourneau Served More Time in Prison than the Average Male Convicted of Murder.” Alas, it wasn’t published, but roughly half of it was published on the internet at various obscure websites, with the exception of Counterpunch. The late Alexander Coburn agreed with me on this issue. In these articles I discuss cases that are similar to that of your mother: Cassandra Sorenson-Grohall and Melissa Bittner, for example, who were arrested, prosecuted for “sexual assault of a child, convicted, and sentenced to prison, years of sex-offender treatment and quasi-totalitarian post-incarceration supervision, and registration for 20-years (Melissa) and life (Cassandra) as uniquely deviant and dangerous criminals, even though Cassandra’s crime was not even sexually-motivated but “manipulated by the victim” and Melissa was totally and demonstrably innocent. All this because they were harassed and molested and assaulted by their “victims.” And Cassandra was also raped by her “victim.”

    2. Rozann,

      I’d like to know the details of your mother’s case. I’ve written a book (not published) and many articles on cases similar to that of your mother: Google Michael Kuehl, “women as ‘rapists’ and ‘pedophiles,” Melissa Bittner, Cassandra Sorenson-Grohall. And read my comments on this website on “Cottage Grove, WI.

  6. I have long thought that we need something like this. Case in point — I remember hearing a few years ago about a young lady in my wife’s hometown who was frequently asked to be a babysitter while the parents went out and got drunk. When they got back, this girl would then tempt the men into a sexual relationship with her and then “kiss and tell”. She is personally responsible for putting at least half a dozen or so different men in southeast Missouri on the sex offender registry all because she took advantage of them while they were in an intoxicated condition. Personally, I think SHE should be doing the hard time and the sex offender registration.

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