Registration confusion in Hillsborough County FL

In July, I went to do my biannual registration.  I had been homeless for several months before then and had been required to report monthly.  Also, in January of this year I was in jail for a minor misdemeanor offense and was not released until mid-February at which time i did my address change from the jail to my transient address.  Fast forward to July, I went to register and was informed that my biannual registration requirement was not met for January.  I did not get arrested for failure to register, but the deputy explained to me it was only because the detective for the unit “dropped the ball”.

Upon questioning why this was not addressed at all at any of my previous contacts and check-ins, I was told it was my responsibility to make sure the correct “type” of registration was being done.

I have been a registered offender for over 12 years, 4 of that in Hillsborough County.  The requirements are always changing here…so be very careful and question EVERYTHING!!

Just a heads up folks!!

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  1. with my experience so far in hillsborough, it is probably the most ‘fair’ out of all the big cities in Fl. The registration unit at Orient is ran as a business, and they dont grill you when you go in there to register. Hopefully i wont get proved wrong, but it is mostly fair in hillsborough, with no city residency restrictions, and i think they give u the benefit of the doubt, unless u are on probation, or considered a predator..idk. If you have any problems, contact Dep. Strange or Dep. Hernandez, they will go out of their way to help if they can.

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