Effect of registration on employment?

I have a question that I seem not to be able to get a clear sense of what I can expect if my SO boyfriend moves into the home we purchased together last year. His offense occurred in PA but he has since transferred to CT in October at his mothers residence along the NY border. We had purchased a house prior to he being sent off to jail in PA for 3 mo.

Our home is in central CT. I am a director of a large school readies community based program and live within the community in which I work. Ion my role I work with community members, BOE, DCF, etc. my concern is how will this affect my employment? Will I lose my job? If I lose my job, we lose the house. My organization also houses a Sexual assault crisis center and works closely with ConnSACs. He has 4 years probation, attending SO classes, and has poly next week. I have taken the SO supervisor class.

What can I expect? CT has no notification to schools unless their 3. What has been your experience with this? Is the stigma going to be my downfall?

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  1. You have to be very careful, they could find something in there terms and conditions to let you go legally. People are extremely prejudice when it comes to these crimes. But also, if they fire you, you may be able to sue but all depending whats on paper. If i were you id always keep a spy camera or audio recorder on my body and record and report any evidence of discrimation etc. (but, make sure your State is a “one party” law state, where one consenting party member is allowed to record, if its not, it could be illega) if i were you, id keep everything quiet but people do go out of there way to strike down in situations like yours. Just be careful and keep quiet. Say this guys did a great service for me and/or he did a heroic thing for me one day. I owe this person this or that. Protect youself from people knowing your business. Your business is your own and no one should interfere with it

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