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    You have to be very careful, they could find something in there terms and conditions to let you go legally. People are extremely prejudice when it comes to these crimes. But also, if they fire you, you may be able to sue but all depending whats on paper. If i were you id always keep a spy camera or audio recorder on my body and record and report any evidence of discrimation etc. (but, make sure your State is a “one party” law state, where one consenting party member is allowed to record, if its not, it could be illega) if i were you, id keep everything quiet but people do go out of there way to strike down in situations like yours. Just be careful and keep quiet. Say this guys did a great service for me and/or he did a heroic thing for me one day. I owe this person this or that. Protect youself from people knowing your business. Your business is your own and no one should interfere with it

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