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I was denied entry on Apr 3rd, 2016. The immigration would not tell me why. But I am almost positive it’s because of my RSO status. They just handed me a letter stating denied entry due to current immigration policies. I was put back on a plane to the US. I am a US citizen so I should have no problems. The purpose of my visit was business and my other co-workers who went with me passed through just fine. Now my job is sending me to Mexico where I hear it is hit or miss to get in. Would someone happen to have any advice for traveling to Mexico? I’d hate to be turned away again and possibly lose my job.

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  1. I have been living in Guatemala for 16 years without ANY problems from Guatemalan authorities. I returned to USA to resolve some legal issues and then returned to Guatemala by BUS. If you take a quality bus into Mexico the bus driver handles all the immigration processing which is NOT as strict as personally passing through the aduana. Mexican border aduanas are very lax with commercial bus lines that pass through their borders on a daily basis. AIRPORT immigration is STRICT and up-to-date with computer communications.

  2. I would not recommend travel to Mexico. I tried to go to Puerta Vallarta for a 4 night vacation with my family. When we arrived there, a customs official was specifically “looking” for me and I was detained for 30-45 min. after which I was denied entry and sent straight back on the next plane to the United States. The officials asked if I knew why they were detaining me and I said that I wasn’t sure but had my suspicions (I have RSO status like you). They asked me about my crime and then they told me that I was on “the list,” and they couldn’t let me in to Mexico. I hope your boss is understanding and will use you for other projects that don’t involve going to Mexico. Good luck to you!

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