New Rule in Alabama….?

I was informed today, 10May16, by my Officer of Supervised Probation that the State is no longer allowed to issue  “out-of-state”  travel permits. I was told I had to go to court, before the judge, and petition to get a “out-of-state” travel permit. I was told this has been in effect since February 2016.

Does anyone have any factual truth about this “rule”?


6 thoughts on “New Rule in Alabama….?

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  1. SINCE WHEN?? My fiancee, who is a registrant, and I plan to go to Vegas next year to get married! Really? He can’t leave the state??

  2. I can tell you that in the state of Rhode island that you have to get your probation officers permission to leave the and then that depends on where you live in the stats the courts do not get involved unless it is life threatening

  3. Thanks you for you post. I suspect the policy of issuing out-of-state travel permits was never your Probation Supervisor’s or his/her office’s right to determine in the first place. My recommendation would be for you to review the applicable Alabama Code – Section 15-22-52: CONDITIONS OF PROBATION, then secure competent legal counsel in Alabama to petition the court to grant a one-time or standing out-of-state travel permit as an approved condition of your probation.

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