Nebraska bill is revoking parental rights of sex offenders

Nebraska Senator Brett Lindstrom is trying to pass a bill right now essentially preventing anyone convicted of a “sex offense” from having custody or unsupervised visitation with any minor child. Even though my crime was being lied to by a girl who was underage on an Adult Dating website and I had no knowledge that I was violating the law. Apparently, now I can’t have kids and/or raise children either. 

My daughter was born on Veteran’s Day of 2016. Her mother and I are not on speaking terms of which I am unsure as to why. Due to having a child out of wedlock, I have chosen to have DNA testing to ensure that I fulfill my responsibilities as a father and to assert my rights. Never in a million years did I think that having a child could change my views in life so drastically over such a short period of time. I can attest that it’s been a blessing and a curse both in the same. The only one who’s affected by what I’m telling you is my daughter, an infant who knows no better. A little girl who doesn’t even know my face yet. A child who I am bound by instinct to protect by any means necessary.

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